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  • Duration 2 days
  • Time 09:00 - 17:00
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Mobile Testing

The Two days Mobile Testing workshop provides a comprehensive and in-depth training on Mobile Testing and Mobile Automation. The course involves the challenges and best practices for an effective Mobile Test Strategy. The course covers the concepts, practical examples, case studies and exercises to understand Mobile Testing, Mobile Test Strategy and Mobile Automation Tool Appium. The workshop helps you to gain an understanding and building a strong foundation for mobile testing.


  1. An understanding of Mobile Testing Concepts and Terminology.
  2. An understanding of the Mobile Testing Challenges and Best Practices.
  3. An understanding on different types of Mobile Testing.
  4. Knowledge of Android Mobile Test Automation using Appium.
  5. Knowledge of iOS Mobile Test Automation using Appium.


  • Mobile Test Strategy
  • What is Mobile Testing?
  • Challenges in Mobile Testing
  • Best Practices for Mobile Test Strategy
  • Types of Testing for Mobile Applications
  • Conclusion
    • Test Automation - Appium
    • What is Appium
    • Advantages/Philosophy of Appium
    • Appium Architecture
    • How to Setup Appium on Windows
    • How to Setup Appium on Mac
    • Appium Concepts
    • Finding elements in android UI Automator Viewer 
    • Finding elements in iOS - Appium Inspector
    • Interacting with Elements
    • Examples/Hands-on/Sample Test Cases


Mobile testing professional, team members interested in learning mobile testing, test automation.