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Xamarin Forms Training

Learn how to develop cross-platform iOS, Android, and Windows applications using Xamarin Forms. The 2-day training will teach you how to rapidly create cross platform user interfaces. Currently, we have only two smartphone platforms; iOS and Android. But, there are no common native tool development toolsets available for these two platforms.

Xamarin Forms precisely addresses this problem. It provides a common programming and UI (user interface) creation model allowing developers to create an application that works with both iOS and Android.

This course intends to teach everything about cross-platform application development, right from the basics. It will take you through the entire process in details.



  • Introduction to Xamarin
    • Overview of Xamarin
    • Setting up Xamarin on Windows and Mac
    • Configuring XCode and Visual Studio
  • Getting Started with Xamarin Forms
    • Anatomy of Xamarin Forms
    • Architecture and Application Fundamentals
    • Launching the app on iOS, Droid and Windows
    • Examining a Prebuilt Xamarin Forms App
  • Xamarin Forms Controls
    • Pages
    • Layouts
    • Views
    • Cells
  • XAML (eXtentisble Application Mark-up Language)
    • XAML Basics
    • XAML Compilation
    • Bindable Properties
    • Attached Properties
    • Resource Dictionaries
    • User Interface
    • Layouts
    • Navigation
    • Styles
    • List View
    • Table View
    • Text
  • Data Pages
    • Data Sources
    • Pages & Controls


  • Working with Common Features
    • Application Class
    • App Lifecycle
    • Images
    • Colors
    • Files
  • Custom Renderers
    • Introduction
    • Renderer Bases Classes
    • Customizing an Entry
    • Customizing Content Page
    • Customizing List View
  • Dependency Service
    • Introduction
    • Implementing Text-to-Speech
    • Checking Device Orientation
    • Checking Battery Status
  • Templates
    • Control Templates
    • Data Templates
  • Web Services
    • Consuming Simple Web Service
    • Authenticating Access to Web Service
    • REST
    • Azure
    • Code walkthrough of a sample Application


The course can be taken by anyone; whether you are a beginner or a proficient app developer.


  • Develop cross-platform mobile apps using Xamarin
  • Learn about XAML and the code behind it
  • Learn to implement 2 way data binding in Xamarin Forms