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Microsoft Azure for IT Professionals

This course is designed for IT professionals looking to understand the Microsoft Azure Infrastructure components, including virtual machines, virtual networks, migrating, extending, running, managing and monitoring common workloads in the cloud. The course will guide student through the process of managing virtual machines, web sites, and cloud services in Microsoft Azure.

About the Course

  • After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Deploy Azure Virtual Machines
  • Deploy Azure Web Sites
  • Deploy Azure Cloud Services
  • Understand Azure Active Directory
  • Manage Azure Storage
  • Migrate on-premises Virtual Machines and VHDs to Microsoft Azure
  • Configure Virtual Networks
  • Configure cross-premises communication
  • Understand Azure SQL Database
  • Understand Azure Recovery
  • Understand the Windows Azure Pack


  • Before attending this course, students should have:
  • Deep understanding of Virtualization technologies
  • Understanding of cloud computing
  • Prior experience with Hyper-V or other virtualization technologies
  • Previous storage configuration experience
  • Previous networking configuration experience

Course Content

  • Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Azure
  • Lab : Planning for Cloud Computing
  • Module 2: Azure Services
  • Lab : Planning for Microsoft Azure
  • Module 3: Azure Data Services
  • Lab : Configuring Azure Data Services
  • Module 4: Azure Network Services
  • Lab : Create and Configure Virtual Networks
  • Lab : Configure Traffic Manager
  • Module 5: Azure Compute Services
  • Lab : Create a Web Site in Microsoft Azure
  • Lab : Create and Manage Azure Virtual Machines
  • Lab : Create and Manage Azure Cloud Services
  • Module 6: Azure Active Directory
  • Lab : Managing Azure Active Directory
  • Module 7: Azure Data Management
  • Lab : Introduction to Azure HDInsight
  • Lab : Configure Azure Backup
  • Module 8: Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server
  • Lab : Install Windows Azure Pack Express