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Java 8

Java 8 is the biggest release of Java till date. It is going to change the way we write Java code. Java has now embraced functional paradigm. The goal of this workshop is to cover some of the most important Java 8 features and how they can help developers in their day to day programming.

In this hands-on workshop, we will cover following topics:
  • Better API Design with Static and Defaulter methods in Interfaces: Since Java 8 you can have method implementations in the interfaces. This will help you evolve your API with time and remain source compatible.
  • Lambda Expressions: One of the most important features in Java 8 is the introduction of Lambda expressions. They make your code concise and allow you to pass behavior around.
  • Streams API: This allows you to declarative process of collection data. We will look at Stream API in detail covering all the important methods.
  • Collectors: With Streams you process data but you have to finally store computation result in some data structure. Collectors allow you to store your computation results. We will look at existing collectors and how we can write our own collectors.
  • Optionals : Every Java developer, whether beginner, novice, or seasoned, has in their lifetime experienced NullPointerException.  In this section, you will learn how to write null-free code using Java 8's Optional
  • Map improvements: There are many new introductions to the Map interface. We will cover Map internals and different API methods introduced in JDK 8.
  • Date Time API: Finally, Java has a better immutable way of working with Date. We will introduce to the new API talking about why, what, and how.
If you are a Java developer with some professional programming experience, this workshop is for you. To get the most from this course, attendees should have programming experience with Java 5 features.