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Continuous Integration

The process of software development is a time consuming task; regularly validating the code quality, compiling the sources, bringing components together, running tests and doing static code analysis. Faster feedback about the state of software is essential to developers. Continuous Integration helps in early detection of problems, improve quality and automates the entire process. Thereby, helping you in smooth running of your business. The course shows you the right tools to implement and integrate Continuous Integration.


The course entails both theory and practice. A balance of lecture and hands-on exercises. It involves the following:

  • Introduction into Continuous Integration.
  • Setting up Continuous Integration with Jenkins.
  • Integrating Jenkins with FitNesse for automated testing.
  • Integrating Jenkins with Sonar for static code analysis.
  • Integrating Jenkins with JMeter for performance testing.


  • Developers who are introducing Continuous Integration in their organizations.  
  • Participants need to bring a Wi-Fi enabled laptop with Virtual Box installed.