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Data Visualization using Kibana

Xebia's One day Data Visualization using Kibana workshop will enable participants to quickly familiarize yourself with Kibana and will also help you to understand the core concepts of this technology to build visualizations easily. The participants will understand the need for visualization, business intelligence and how to leverage the ELK Stack for easy data discovery and create beautiful visualizations with ease without requiring any coding.

Workshop Outcome

Participants will quickly master the functionalities and components used in Kibana to create amazing visualizations based on real-world scenarios.

Target Group & Prerequisites:

No prerequisite is required & targeted to anyone who is interested in data discovery, business intelligence and data visualizations.

Laptop is not required as demo will be done by instructor.


  • History of ELK Stack
  • Why do we need Visualization
  • Who uses Visualization
  • Need for Data Discovery
  • ELK Stack
  • How ELK fits in Big Data Stack
  • Overview of components of ELK Stack
  • Elasticsearch Basic Concepts
  • Prerequisites of Installing Kibana
  • Installation of Elasticsearch, Kibana – Ubuntu & Windows
  • Understanding Discover Page
  • Overview of concepts of Discover  Page
  • Exploring Visualizations
  • Understanding Aggregations
  • Designing Visualizations
  • Exploring Dashboard
  • Overview of components of Dashboard Page
  • Understanding Settings Page
  • Real-time Twitter Data Analysis  - Demo