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Scrum Workshop

In this two days workshop you will become familiar with the use and benefits of Scrum and its terminology with Xebia's Scrum Foundation training.

Programme and Course Overview

This two days Scrum training course provides a comprehensive and in-depth training in Scrum theory and practices. This course covers the principles and practices that make Scrum effective at managing projects. The course covers theory as well as practical examples, case studies and exercises to better understand the scrum practices. The course uses the principles of Agile, where the learning outcome is driven by the needs of the participants.

During this training you will build a solid foundation for the further use of Scrum.

The learning goals of this training are:

Course Outline (two day scrum workshop)

What is Agile

  • Introduction of Agile
  • Why Agile

Agile Manifesto

  •  Agile principles and values

Introduction of Other Agile Methodologies

  •  Kanban
  •  XP
  •  DSDM
  •  Software Craftsmanship Manifesto

Scrum Framework

  •   Scrum Roles
  •   Scrum Ceremonies
  •   Scrum Artifacts

Estimation and Planning

  •   User Story writing
  •   User Story Splitting
  •   Estimation techniques

Scrum Artifacts

  •  Product Backlog
  •  Sprint Backlog
  •  Burndown Charts

Sample Project Creation using Scrum