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Agile Business Analyst

Designed in the form of a highly interactive, hands-on workshop, this training blends together a unique combination of theoretical concepts and practical application, bringing a holistic learning experience to aspiring Agile Business Analysts and those seeking to enhance their skills in the domain. The intensive "do-to-learn" model of this training ensures that the theoretical knowledge imparted is mapped to real business problems, and can be put into practice immediately by the attendees.

Programme and Course Overview

The Agile Business Analyst workshop seeks to elaborate upon the various areas that pertain to effective business analysis in an Agile framework:

  • A Business Analyst's role in an Agile software development team.
  • Integration of requirements management in the Agile process.
  • The use of progressive elaboration and backlog grooming to iteratively and    incrementally define requirements.
  • Guidelines to keep in mind for an effective Agile Business Analysis process.
  • Tools, techniques and best practices that aid an Agile Business Analyst.

Target Audience:

Business Analysts, Product Owner, Project Managers, Development Team and anyone involved in activities associated with business analysis.


Basics of Business Analysis

Familiarity with Agile fundamentals

Program Outline 

Module 1

  • Traditional role of a Business Analyst

A discussion of the nuances and intricacies of a business analyst's role in the traditional context.

  • Introduction to Agile

        - Traditional methodologies versus Agile.

        - Why take the Agile road?

        - Need for Agile.

  • Agile methods

        - Flavors of Agile – Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, etc.

  • The changing role of a Business Analyst

        - An insight into an Agile Business Analyst's worldview.

       -  Product Owner, Product Owner's Council, Planning Team.

        - The ramifications and impact of the paradigm shift:

Shorter releases, Customer collaboration, new mindset, Change in roles

Module 2 

  • Agile Requirement Management - Techniques

A foray into the various methods that allow practitioners to leverage the benefits of agile in requirement management activities.

-  User personas.

-  User story workshops.

-  User story mapping.

Module 3

  • Innovation games

Exercises and techniques to enhance the effectiveness of team agile practices (for instance, in capturing requirements or planning for sprints and releases) in a reinvigorating fashion.

Module 4 

  • Agile Requirement Management - Lexicon

Glossary of terms, and introduction to the ubiquitous language spoken in the Agile world.

  • Agile Requirement Management  - Timelines

-  Continuous Product Backlog Grooming.

-  Advantages of evolving Product Backlog.

-  Backlog grooming activities.

Module 5

  • Tools for Agile Business Analysts

A training on the usage of various commonly used tools in the industry by Agile business analysts.          


-  Rally

-  IBM Rational Team Concert

-  Trello

Module 6  

  • Simulation

Imitation of real-world project scenarios to illustrate the concepts gathered in the workshop. Multiple hands-on exercises covering the entirety of the workshop content, allowing the trainee to practice theoretical concepts in a practical context.